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General Information
Location : In the north Indian State of Uttaranchal 
Tourist Attractions : Snow View, Naini Peak, Dorothy's Seat, Land'sEnd, Hanuman Garhi. 
Best Hangouts : Nainital is entirely the best hangout destinationfor the tourists from all over. 
Best Buys : Candles and other trinket items. 
Best Activity : Water sports in the Lakes of Nainital. 
Nearby Tourist Destination : Delhi, Bareilly, Almora andRanikhet. 
When to Visit : Any Time of the Year.

Naini, a word that almost brings the cool air with it is a secret hide out ofthe tourists each year. Situated at an altitude of 1,938mtrs, thisdreamland town with its beauteous splendour is one of the most popular touristresorts of the country. The nucleus of Naini Tal's exquisite beauty is her lakewhich is a haven for water sports like Yachting, Kayaking, Canoeing andBoating.

Places of Interest in Nainital


Naina Peak : 
The most popular picnic spot in Kumaon, it commands a birds eye view of NainiTal and the sparkling snowladen Himalayas can be seen in their toweringglory from this beautiful spot. It is 5.6-kms from the town and one of the mostbeautiful treks. The soft cool air, the shade of the tall trees, the songs ofthe birds, the quaint summerhouse welcomes you. 

Dorothy Seat : 
Also known, as "Tiffin Top" is a memorial to Mrs. Dorothy Kelletbuilt by her husband. It commands an excellent view of the Himalayas as well asthe neighbouring countryside. It is 4.3-kms from the town. One can trek ornegotiate on horseback. 

Snow View : 
It affords, as the name suggests, and undesirably beautiful and breath takingpicture of the glittering snows. It is the most easily accessible hill top,2.42- kms from the town. One can trek or go on horse back or by cablecar. 

Land's End : 
One does not have to climb much, about 4 km and as the name suggests, one feelson reaching the area that the end of the land has really come. Needless to say,the view of the neighbouring hills and valley and the Khurpatal lake isexquisite from here. 

St. John-In-The Wilderness : 
One of the earliest buildings as well as churches erected in Nainital. It isvery close to the Uttaranchal High Court. The site was chosen as early as 1844and was first opened on April 2, 1848 . It is a beautiful church with amarvellous interior and stained glasses on the windows. 

Raj Bhawan : 
The foundation stone of the Nainital government house, modelled afterbuckingham palace, was laid on April 27, 1897 and the building was completed inMarch 1900. The architecture of Raj Bhawan has been professionally described asof “the early domestic Gothic style”. the house stands upon a plateau, and thecombined effect of its environs, the vividly green lawn, grey stone steps andwell grown old deodar trees is dignified, peaceful and strongly reminiscent ofthe English countryside. 

Kilbury : 
11 kms from the town, Kilbury is sanctum sanctorum of bio-diversity and anideal place for bird watchers and nature lovers for a quiet and peacefulholiday.


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